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Marketing professional skilled in planning and creating customer-centric, digital-first content, drawing on writing and project management capabilities honed to a fine edge during earlier journalism career. Marketing experience includes content creation and subject matter expertise for a global IT and network firm, and directing custom editorial content for a trade media company. Known for creativity, speed, work ethic and equanimity.




Cisco Systems, Inc.

Marketing Manager

Federal SME

November 2016 – Present



  • Plan, create and edit content for the US Federal vertical, aligned with messaging strategy.
  • Provide assets for customer journeys across the full sales funnel.
  • Content includes articles, white papers, PowerPoint presentations, blog posts, social media, video, infographics, broadcast ad scripts and graphic novels.
  • Create B2B and B2G assets.
  • Use keywords for online assets to maximize SEO.
  • Ensure content is customer-focused and appropriate for the targeted persona.
  • Pay close attention to detail at all stages of content development.
  • Write blog posts. Manage a team of bloggers. Develop blog editorial calendar.
  • Interview customers to develop customer case studies and use cases, for internal and external use.
  • Deliver all products on deadline, often on short notice.
  • Assist in creating marketing plans and messaging strategy based on customer persona.
  • Utilize metrics and other data to guide use of content.
  • Edit, adapt or oversee content created by others, internal and external to Cisco.
  • Use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube to promote various assets and events.




  • Provided expertise and created content that otherwise would have been outsourced; saved my department an estimated $150,000 to $200,000 in one year.
  • Collaborated with my Cisco colleagues to completely revamp our marketing plan into a customer-first, digital-centric approach. We utilized this new model to drive visibility in the market with minimal funding and resources.
  • Led creation and promotion of Cisco Issue Brief published on; generated 104 qualified sales leads, exceeding the goal by 4 percent.
  • Oversaw the development of a sponsored eBook on IT Modernization by a media company. Required considerable hands on guidance.
  • Wrote “Why Cisco For Federal IT” brochure for top-of-funnel C-Level prospects. More than 300 downloads to date.
  • Adapted several existing assets from other verticals to fit the Federal market’s needs.
  • Redesigned website to fit new template, update information and provide new offers.
  • Helped develop persona messaging guidelines.
  • Adapted two major Cisco cybersecurity reports into Federal Government versions; used original survey data to develop new information relevant to the vertical.


Sightline Media Group, LLC

Custom Editorial Director

October 2015-October 2016



  • Conceive and execute special projects, such as multimedia reports and white papers.
  • Create or edit content as needed.
  • Collaborate with marketing and sales teams to devise promotion strategies. Execute plans to promote special products.
  • Collaborate with writers, designers, videographers and other team members as needed.
  • Manage projects to fit content demands, budget constraints and meet all deadlines.



  • Rapidly developed online multimedia report on the 2015 data breach at the Federal Office of Personnel Management, responding to a sponsor who requested it. Had initial version live within 24 hours and grew it iteratively as developments continued. Generated $40,000 in advertising revenue.
  • Conceived, developed and managed “Critical Risk,” an online multimedia report on the critical infrastructure. Project involved five writers, two videographers and dozens of interviews. Drove 12,500 page views in first year.
  • Met or exceeded lead generation commitments on all promoted white papers for clients.


Sightline Media Group, LLC

Digital Managing Editor

December 2013-October 2015



  • Edit and publish all online editorial content for Federal Times and C4ISRNet.
  • Manage blogs and keep blog authors on schedule.
  • Ensure articles are properly tagged for SEO and categorization.
  • Utilize metrics (Omniture) to measure performance of web content. Prepare reports as needed.
  • Create daily email newsletters.
  • Promote white papers and other sponsored products to meet lead generation commitments.
  • Report and write articles.
  • Simultaneously served as print managing editor for several months to fill gap.



  • Created (under guidance from the Federal Times editor) Federal Retirement Academy, a sponsored microsite featuring a mix of video and text guidance for federal employees. Developed plan for first year of content for Federal Retirement Academy in collaboration with the financial adviser providing the content. Launched in August 2015, this project is still ongoing with the same underwriter.
  • Met or exceeded lead generation commitments on all sponsored products.




1105 Media Inc.

Online Managing Editor

November 2009-November 2013



  • Manage Federal Computer Week website (; at times, also managed sites for Government Computer News, Washington Technology and Defense Systems.
  • Edit and publish all online editorial content.
  • Ensure articles are properly tagged for SEO and categorization.
  • Manage blogs and keep blog authors on schedule.
  • Plan and host webinars.
  • Utilize metrics (Google Analytics) to measure performance of web content. Prepare reports as needed.
  • Create daily email newsletters.
  • Report and write articles.


1105 Media Inc.

Senior Writer and Associate Editor

January 2003-November 2009



  • Manage four direct reports gathering and creating editorial content.
  • Serve as managing editor for portions of Federal Computer Week Magazine (print).
  • Plan and host webinars.
  • Oversee and manage Business section of FCW (created at my urging to cover federal contractors.)
  • Covered procurement, networking, telecommunications and other beats for Federal Computer Week.
  • Managed FCW’s early steps toward online publishing.






Certificate, Marketing

Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies



Bachelor of Arts, Communication Arts

University of West Florida